NanC Mark - Founder & CEO

NanC has been in the technology industry long before the Internet was ubiquitous. She joined a Fortune 500 company in 1977 and stayed around for sixteen years before leaving to focus her talents on marketing. She has since served as Director of Marketing for several companies, has been an executive officer in an equine industry and founded and ran her own website development company for twelve years. Along the way, she taught computer courses at three different universities, and has served on a number of volunteer organizations as an executive officer.

Fran Herrington - VP, Operations

With a long, glorious corporate background in marketing and finance at a Fortune 500 firm, Fran Herrington retired at 50. Within six months, she was restless and bored. In a chance meeting at the Nashville, TN airport a few years ago, Fran was recruited to join us at TechMark, LLC. (It was more like begging than recruitment). As the Office Director, she manages, prioritizes and drives every project we undertake. Nickname? We don't use a nickname for Fran, but we do say "Yes Ma'am" a lot.

Seth Poindexter - VP, Marketing

Seth, aka, "The Dex" is a native of Texas, but doesn't know a cow from a horse. That's okay, because he knows Internet Marketing like no one else around. We suspect he was attached to a computer since the age of 6 months; his ability to navigate in the cloud is second only to his ability to drink huge amounts of coffee. Dex graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, where he majored in CIS and Marketing. After a short stint at DELL, he joined MIQz Inc. to do the work he loves...designing websites and developing the strategies to get them found on the web.

Sarah McQuire - Social Media Badass

Sarah joined TechMark, LLC in 2016, and has been keeping us firmly in line since that time. She may look young and sweet, but don't let her looks fool you. She's got killer marketing instincts, and an analytical mind that Einstein would envy. The "Q" (our pet name for her) graduated from Harvard's Business School at the top of her class in 2012; she initially was planning on law school. Luckily for us, she wanted to do something more exciting and toured Europe before landing on our doorstep.

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